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Welcome to Utah’s New State CTE Director, Thalea Longhurst!

We are pleased to welcome Thalea Longhurst, Utah’s new State CTE Director! Longhurst had an unusual introduction to the education field, beginning her career in sports medicine. While obtaining a master’s degree and working in a clinic, a local school district expressed interest in starting a sports medicine program. Longhurst started by teaching just a few hours a day, which eventually turned into a 10-year part-time teaching tenure at the local high school. Utah has the unique ability to license industry professionals to teach in the classroom, allowing her to practice sports medicine professionally, while also teaching part time.

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One simple word that connotes many different meanings. Assessments capture student learning and the use of high quality assessments allows prediction to be made; increase the opportunity to learn; and improve program quality. The latest in National Health Science Assessment updates are shared on the newly revised NCHSE assessment page, which includes 2014-2015 data and information on accessing state assessment results and registering for the National Health Science Assessment this year.