Health Science Curriculum Enhancements Update

If you’ve purchased the newly released Health Science Curriculum Enhancements before 1/15/2017, please contact the NCHSE office.  Standard 11 was missing one document and the NCHSE office can email the updated information directly to you.  Thank you!

Attention Health Science Educators: The One Conference You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Nancy H. Allen, NCHSE Communications Committee Chair, November 2016

The 2016 National Health Science Curriculum Conference provided inspiration to support the work of health science teachers, other educators, and National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) partners. The Marriott Downtown Louisville, Kentucky served as the host hotel for the event, October 12-14. Over 325 attendees joined together to break barriers for health and education and build bridges to create an effective health science pathway for students interested in health professions. The conference served to advance health science education curriculum and prepare students to be college and career ready. Teachers, administrators, state health science leaders and health professionals from across the country delivered workshops to showcase their programs and best practices, communicate their innovative teaching strategies and connect with other health science educators to enhance health science programming.

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HOSA Scholarships Awards Through Generous NCHSE Partnership

Press Release August 16, 2016

HOSA pic

HOSA–Future Health Professionals recently celebrated forty years of successfully creating and growing a professional career and technical student organization from a few states in 1976 to an international organization with 53 states and countries and over 201,500 members in 2016. Through the years, partners like the National Consortium for Health Science Education have supported HOSA’s continued success.  As HOSA begins gearing up to begin another school year, NCHSE received thank you for the tremendous partnership with HOSA–Future Health Professionals.

NCHSE has been instrumental through generous support of the HOSA Scholarship Program with five-$1,000 scholarship awards annually over the past four years.  Through the HOSA Scholarship Program, members are able to receive recognition for their high scholastic achievements.  As announced in June, at the opening session of the HOSA International Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN, ninety-one outstanding students were recognized with plaques and financial awards.

Please enjoy information about the HOSA members who received scholarships provided by the National Consortium for Health Science Education.  Learn more about the recipients. These students are exceptional and selected from Consortium member states 
 Phyllis Johnson (GA), NCHSE Chair-elect was able to attend the VIP Scholarship Dinner and have special pictures with the Surgeon General Vivak Murthy; Mr. Awesome, Brad Montague, as well as photos from the dinner.  Below are the links from various functions.

View photo gallery with VADM Vivek Murthy.

View photo gallery with Brad Montague.

View photo gallery of HOSA scholarship recipients.

The HOSA – NCHSE partnership is working to better prepare HOSA’s future health professionals.  The plans have already begun for HOSA’s 2017 International Leadership Conference, June 21-24, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida!

The NAF – HOSA – NCHSE Partnership Rolls Out a Resource To Highlight Classroom Connections

Press Release: August 16, 2016


NAF and HOSA–Future Health Professionals value the work of the National Consortium for Health Science Education. Both NAF and HOSA serve on the NCHSE Board of Directors and align their programs with the National Health Science Standards to support consistency and a common framework in the preparation of future health professions.


During NAF’s curriculum development for the Academy of Health Sciences courses, the National Health Science Standards were included to provide an interconnecting structure to these nationally validated standards and a consistent point of reference.

NAF’s Academy of Health Sciences (AOHS) brings industry-validated, career-focused curriculum and work-based learning experiences to high school students in nearly 100 high school career academies across the country. The Academy of Health Sciences addresses the critical achievement gap in STEM fields and develops a pipeline of students prepared to pursue health-related degrees and professions in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, such as biotechnology, genetics, nursing, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Academies may use Biomedical Science curriculum from Project Lead the Way Inc. (PLTW) or the Health Sciences Careers curriculum from Paxton-Patterson. HOSA–Future Health Professionals also provides opportunities for students to build college and career-readiness skills. Find a customized crosswalk of NAF’s AOHS to the HOSA Competitive Events Program and the National Health Science Standards highlighting the connections at


This resource has been prepared as a collaborative effort of HOSA, NAF and the NCHSE. Part one of the resource highlights classroom connections between NAF AOHS’s four-course sequence and the HOSA Competitive Events Program. Part two outlines a crosswalk on the NAF courses to the National Health Science Standards.


CareerSafe Will Launch OSHA 10-Hr General Industry (Healthcare) Training Course Fall 2016

>CareerSafe® Online | Safety Education for America’s Future™

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and evolving sectors of the U.S. economy – employing over 18 million workers. Healthcare workers face a wide range of hazards including needlestick injuries, musculoskeletal strains and workplace violence. CareerSafe believes safety is a life skill that every student should have access to prior to his or her first career opportunity. Coming in the fall of 2016, CareerSafe is launching the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry (Healthcare) training course! Through this course, students will explore a wide variety of safety and health topics including common physical and health hazards specific to healthcare occupations and hazard identification and prevention intended to help students StartSafe and StaySafe.

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