Health Science Career Specialties/Occupations Model

The Health Science Career Cluster encompasses more than 300 career specialties and/or occupations. The purpose of the chart is to inform students, teachers, school counselors, and parents of the many health career opportunities available in this cluster and to assist students determine which career pathway best aligns with their aptitudes and interests. The career specialties chart is designed to assist students to focus on a broad group of careers for exploration and preparation.  The chart lists occupations by pathways.

There is discussion to suggest that some occupations may need to appear in more than one pathway based on an overlap and differentiations in roles and responsibilities between pathways. However, for the major purpose of this career specialties model, which is to create career awareness, each occupation appears only once. Certainly research supports some career specialties vary within their professions may have duties in another pathway. The chart is not all inclusive and does not list all of the occupations included in healthcare.

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