Health Science Career Cluster

The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) serves as the cluster lead for the health science career cluster. The States’ Career Clusters Initiative (SCCI) is an initiative established under National Career Technical Education Foundation (NCTEF) to provide career clusters as a tool for seamless transition from education to career in this era of changing workplace demands. SCCI helps states as they connect career technical education (CTE) to education, workforce preparation, and economic development. NCHSE’s role as the cluster lead is to serve as a clearinghouse for health science research, products, services and technical assistance for the implementation of the health science framework. The consortium develops new products and promotes information-sharing, techniques, and methods to aid in the development and implementation of the health science career cluster.

Health Science Career Cluster Critical Components

When considering implementation of a health science career cluster, there are many questions to be answered and issues to be addressed. The National Consortium for Health Science Education, utilizing more than ten years of research and observation have identified the essential or critical components for successful and sustainable implementation of a cluster. The critical components are displayed in a hierarchal pyramid design demonstrating the criticality of the various levels as the cluster is implemented.

Building a Health Science Program of Study (PDF)