Instructional Supplements


From the National Consortium for Health Science Education        

The Health Science Instructional Supplements were developed by the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) to help health science teachers align classroom instruction to the National Healthcare Foundation Standards.

Based of the National Healthcare Skill Standards, accountability criteria have been established for each foundation standard to better define the expectations for meeting the standard and to provide content for curriculum design and measurement and certification of achievement.  A national assessment of the Healthcare Foundation Standards is offered by the NCHSE.

Using the Supplements

These health science instructional materials were designed as a resource supplement, to be used in conjunction with state curriculum resources, plans, and outlines; as well as textbooks and the resources that accompany those textbooks.  The supplements are not designed to "stand alone" but rather to provide resources that complement the instructional tools that teachers are already using.

The actual content (information) that describes and explains essential facts and explanations can be found in textbooks.  This supplement is designed to focus more on:

  • Connections to the Foundation Standards
  • Higher-level instructional activities
  • Student-centered instruction with an emphasis on teamwork     
  • Authentic assessment using rubrics
  • Test items aligned to the National Healthcare Foundation Standards and Accountability Criteria


  • Available on flash drive only
  • Each supplement includes multiple choice test items aligned to the accountability standards and similar to the items in the national health science assessment
  • Special pricing for NCHSE member states and school systems, and for site licenses
  • Payment options: Check, credit card, or school purchase order
  • To order with a check, please send to:  National Consortium of Health Science Education, 2123 University Park Drive, Suite 100, Okemos, MI  48864
  • To order with a purchase order,  email: (or you may fax by calling 517-253-8044 to obtain their fax number; sorry it is unavailable at this time.)
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The Health Science Instructional Supplements include these units by standard:

  • Standard 1:     Academic Foundation
  • Standard 2:     Communications
  • Standard 3:     Systems
  • Standard 4:     Employability Skills
  • Standard 5 and 6: Legal Responsibilities and Ethics
  • Standard 7:     Safety Practices
  • Standard 8:     Teamwork
  • Standard 9:     Health Maintenance Practices
  • Standard 10:   Technical Skills
  • Standard 11:   Information Technology Applications