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How Should We Prepare Students for Health Care Careers?

In the June issue of the Health Care Careers e-Letter , we asked, “To help college freshmen get a jump on their health care education, what should the model curriculum of a high school health science look like? What content should be included? What are the current gaps in learning that need to be addressed?” (These questions were also disseminated to members of the listserve of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions [NAAHP].)

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Healthcare Jobs You Might Not Know About…

As career fields go, healthcare is hot.  And there are a lot of cool jobs, including some that aren’t as well known.  Find out about three of them here


Making Sense of the System: How States Can Use Health Workforce Policies to Increase Access and Improve Quality of Care

This report offers evidence about why colleagues in state government should address shortages of health workers despite difficulties of current fiscal situations. The author, Edward Salsberg, assesses the best available data about current and projected demand for health workers. He then summarizes practical suggestions for policy to reduce shortages of health workers that are likely to threaten access to health services of appropriate quality.

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Strategies for Improving the Diversity of the Health Professions

Health disparities in the status of African Americans, American Indians and Latinos are grave. It is these populations that are also underrepresented in all of the health professions. Increased diversity in the physician, oral health and nursing work forces is critical to reducing racial and ethnic disparities. This report comprehensively evaluates current programs and strategies designed to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the health professions. The report is from the California Endowment and much of the data is California-focused but the strategies outlined have implications for all states.

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