The Health Science Instructional Supplements have a new name for 2016: Health Science Curriculum Enhancements

The Health Science Curriculum Enhancements are designed as a resource, to be used in conjunction with state curriculum models, plans, and outlines; as well as textbooks and instructional resources that accompany textbooks and curriculum materials. These enhancements are not designed to “stand alone,” but rather to provide resources to complement instructional tools teachers are already using in their classrooms.


  • Available on a flashdrive
  • Each standard module includes multiple choice test items aligned to the National Health Science Standards and similar to test items on the National Health Science Assessment Removed Foundation
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NCHSE Member States

Individual Flashdrive $300 + $15 S&H (flat rate)

20 to 99 Flashdrives $250 each + $15 S&H (flat rate)

100 plus $200 each + $15 S&H (flat rate)

NCHSE Non Member States

Individual Flashdrive $450 + $15 S&H (flat rate)

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