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National Health Science Sample Assessment

2015 Assessment Blueprint

Improvements to the National Health Science Assessment
The National Consortium for Health Science Education wants to ensure that health science educators are aware of improvements that were made to the 2013-2014 National Health Science Assessment as part of the new partnership with Precision Exams. As stated in the NCHSE press release in September 2013, “The partnership with Precision Exams will enable NCHSE to enhance the health science assessment to better meet the different learning styles and sets of knowledge for each student . . . .” NCHSE took the opportunity to improve some items for this year’s assessment.
The actual content that the assessment measures remains the same. However, in addition to the assessment’s multiple choice questions, students will now see some enhanced question types that provide more ways to present and process information. Students should be prepared to answer enhanced questions that might appear in the following formats:
  • Multiple choice
  • Labelling
  • Matching
  • Sequencing/Ordering

These enhanced questions may involve using the cursor to drag and drop and/or choosing an answer by visual picture depiction, etc. By delivering the test item content in multiple formats, the National Health Science Assessment is remaining current with testing standards that require critical thinking and problem solving.  All assessment content is still aligned to the National Health Science Standards that can be found here.

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