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The National Consortium for Health Science Education (formerly known as National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education) is a national partnership of individuals and organizations with a vested interest in health science education. The consortium was organized in 1991 to stimulate creative and innovative leadership for ensuring a well prepared healthcare workforce. In April 2009, the name of the consortium was officially changed to the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE).

Driven by high cost, rapid technological changes, increased demand for health services, and dramatic employment growth in the healthcare community, a variety of studies, proposals, and legislative initiatives continue to emerge. Each of these studies, proposals, and initiatives has an impact on health science education programs nationwide that prepare healthcare employee candidates.

Formation of the consortium followed numerous discussions among health careers educators from several key states. The group recognized the critical need to reduce duplication and fragmentation of healthcare educational efforts and to position the educational system to meet the human resource demands of the healthcare industry. At the initial charter meeting, the mission, purpose, and goals were formulated. These statements of intent formed the basis for futuristic planning necessary for maintaining programs that are consistent with the human resource needs of the healthcare industry, responding to changing demographics of the nation, and providing for global recognition of the highest quality healthcare available.

Charter consortium members include representatives of six state departments of education (California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, and Tennessee), the American Hospital Association, and Kaiser Permanente. Future plans called for expansion of consortium membership to any agency, association, or individual interested in promoting and implementing the consortium’s goals and programs.

The National Consortium for Health Science Education is an incorporated, non-profit organization and has a 501(c)(3)tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service.

National Consortium for Health Science Education Goals

Goal 1:  NCHSE organizational structure, governance, and support systems are designed to collaboratively define and advance the framework of health science education.

Goal 2:  NCHSE is an effective collaborative responsive to the needs of health science education and the healthcare industry.

Goal 3:  NCHSE has active communications and marketing plans which seek to connect with all stakeholders affecting and contributing to health science education.

Goal 4: The healthcare industry recognizes NCHSE’s significant leadership role in shaping the future healthcare workforce.