NCHSE offers Health Science Curriculum Enhancements, these documents are designed as resource enhancements, to be used in conjunction with state curriculum resources, plans, and outlines; as well as textbooks and the instructional resources that accompany those textbooks and curriculum materials.

The content describes and explains essential facts and explanations can be found in textbooks. This supplement is designed to focus on:

  • Connections to the National Health Science Standards
  • Valuable web site links
  • Editable PowerPoints for each standard
  • Higher-level instructional activities
  • Student-centered instruction with an emphasis on teamwork
  • Authentic assessment using checklists, rating scales and rubrics
  • Test items aligned to the National Health Science Standards


  • Packaged on an easy to use flashdrive
  • Each standard module includes multiple choice test items aligned to the National Health Science Standards and similar to test items on the National Health Science Assessment

NCHSE Member States cost

  • 1-19 Flashdrives – $300 each + $15 shipping
  • 20-99 Flashdrives – $250 each + $15 shipping
  • 100+ Flashdrives – $200 each + $15 shipping

NCHSE Non-Member States cost

  • Each Flashdrive – $450 + $15 shipping

Please Note: Once billing information has been entered into the system, it will automatically recognize member and non-member states, and pricing will change accordingly. 

For additional information, download this factsheet or review a presentation we gave about resources available with NCHSE.

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