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Health Science Curriculum Enhancements

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Enhance Your Health Science Program

NCHSE offers Health Science Curriculum Enhancements, these documents are designed as resource enhancements, to be used in conjunction with state curriculum resources, plans, and outlines; as well as textbooks and the instructional resources that accompany those textbooks and curriculum materials.

Announcing: The latest edition of the NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements released in AUGUST 2020! Check out awesome new classroom activities and highly interactive instructional strategies that deliberately focus on the delivery of the National Health Science Standards (May 2019). Teachers, this is a MUST HAVE resource for your 2020-2021 school year. This GAME CHANGER will be available for teachers from NCHSE member states for $350 and teachers from non-states for $500. School districts or state agencies contact us directly for bulk pricing options. 


Health Science Curriculum Enhancement 6.0 Version Features

Released in August 2020, this comprehensive development and complete redesign of the NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements was driven by customers satisfaction and teachers success in the classroom.

The content has been created to allow for easy TRANSITIONS between face to face and distance learning. There are close to 600 total resources in the enhancements which includes presentations, outlines, activities, websites, rubrics, instructions, and other materials. Nearly half of this resource is original works; created by teachers for teachers. The remainder of the work are combined resources from publishers, online free resources, and cited publications. The supplement available through our online store focuses on:

  • National Health Science Standards complete alignment
  • Printable and digital version for a variety of class settings
  • Multiple formats (Word/PDF/PPT)
  • Problem-solving collaborative activities
  • Student-centered instruction with a teamwork emphasis
  • Assessment items in Excel, ready to upload in testing or review app
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for resource navigation

Resources to Level Up Your Game

                                         Preview New and Exciting Content from the  NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements 6.0                                                         New Resource AVAILABLE at our ONLINE STORE AUGUST 2020

The NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements have been an extremely valuable tool to support instructors’ efforts to enhance curriculum delivery to our first year Health Foundations students at The Wilson Talent Center. The Enhancements provide resources to complement instructor delivery of Michigan CTE’s Health Science-Allied Health Standards and Segments and advance student attainment of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their educational and career pursuits.

Daryn BakerThe Wilson Talent Center, Michigan

Curriculum Enhancement Format

  • Instant digital download
  • Each standard module includes multiple-choice test items aligned to the National Health Science Standards and similar to test items on the National Health Science Assessment

Invest in Your Health Science Program!

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