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Biannual Membership Update Calls

Event Details

Thursday, October 1, 2020 – 2:00 PM (EDT)
Virtual Webinar
Call-in information will be emailed in advance to all NCHSE members.

Biannually each spring and fall, NCHSE invites all consortium members to collectively join an informational conference call. During these regularly scheduled hourlong virtual meetings, elected officers and NCHSE Executive Council members provide the membership with announcements, details of current and future initiatives and important dates to remember. The NCHSE Chair shares information about activities that have occurred over the past six months along with summaries of upcoming national and state meetings and conferences that NCHSE has attended or is planning to participate. The informal conversation is a great way for members to remain current on NCHSE’s work and mission to be the national authority for health science education. Members have opportunities to engage with NCHSE leadership and ask questions. Providing members with information and keeping them updated on NCHSE’s goals and projects, not only keeps them in the loop, it’s also a way to build value and ownership for the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE).

Watch Our Last Membership All Call

Each spring and fall, the NCHSE Executive Council hosts update calls for the membership. The information shared on the call includes the overall status of the organization. a financial report and updates of current NCHSE initiatives and future events. It’s a great communication activity to keep the membership informed!

Lara Morris, NCHSE Chair-Elect,  State Program Manager, Health Careers Education, OK CareerTech

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