Update October 2018

The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is a membership organization composed of those who support the mission, purpose, and goals of the consortium. Representation on the current board of directors is a contingency of local education agencies, state education agencies, postsecondary education representatives, professional associations, healthcare partners, publishing companies, and others who create health science education curriculum and products.

The membership categories are:

  1. Organization/Institution/Agency Membership (Group):    A public, private national, state, or local institution, agency, association, or organization that support the mission and goals of NCHSE
  2. Publishers and Resources Coalition Membership: Publishing companies and other vendors with focus in health science education curriculum and resources

Membership Requirements

Membership will be in effect with submission of an application and remittance of annual dues. Dues are remitted at the time of application and then annually thereafter.

Dues for a group membership are currently $2500 per year or $1500 without travel benefits. Publishers and Resources Coalition dues are $1500 per year.


As a member of the consortium, benefits include:

  • Service on the Health Science Cluster Advisory Committee for the States’ Career Clusters Project
  • National Healthcare Foundation Skill Standards and Accountability criteria (behavioral expectations) including revisions and updates
  • Networks that afford valuable linkages with mutual stakeholders
  • Online assessment and certificate program and detailed data analysis
  • Variety of products and resources with membership discounts:
    • Health Science Integrated Activities
    • Health Science Cluster Implementation Components
    • Partnerships: Classroom, Healthcare, Community
    • Interdisciplinary, Integrated Units
    • Health Science Instructional Supplements
    • And others
  • Grant, project, and product line updates and services
  • Input to members of the Publishers Coalition
  • Involvement in field-test opportunities with grants and projects
  • Professional development opportunities
  • National Speakers’ Bureau
  • Industry partnerships and workplace learning guidelines
  • Healthcare workforce needs and research findings
  • Informed interpretations of healthcare and education reform trends and issues
  • Research on critical healthcare workforce preparation issues

Download the Membership Application