The National Health Science Assessment is a validated, knowledge-based test designed to evaluate the extent of the candidate’s knowledge of the National Health Science Standards and Objectives. The National Health Science Standards and Assessment are supported by the Tri-Council of Nursing (American Association of College of Nursing; American Nurses Association; American Organization of Nurse Executives; National League of Nursing) and endorsed by Health Professions Network (HPN) in successfully preparing health science students for transition into postsecondary health science programs.  Upon successful passing of the test a student is awarded a certificate of proficiency on the health science standards.

The National Health Science Assessment is administered by Precision Exams and may not be proctored by a health science teacher/instructor, or any individual that has a directly vested interest in the candidates/students’ score on the assessment. During the 2015 academic year over 22,000 health science students participated in the assessment. For more detailed information on the assessment please refer to the specific assessment web pages, including a few found below:

2017-2018 Assessment UpdatesImprovements to the National Health Science Assessment

Assessment Updates: How to Access State Health Science Assessment Data, etc.

National Health Science Assessment Administration: Registration of Students. Proctor information, etc.

Resources: National Health Science Assessment Data (# of Participants, Pass Rate, etc.)

Test Content: Test blue print, sample assessment test.