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NCHSE Health Science Assessments Update

NCHSE Health Science Assessments Update

As the spring semester gets underway, this update serves as a reminder to register early for this year’s assessments.  Information from registering for the exam to accessing helpful resources to prepare for the assessment is just a click away from your fingertips!

The NCHSE assessment webpage link is:   This page includes the National Health Sciences assessment resources along with a 25-question sample test, test content outline, a direct link to Precision Exams and much more.

The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is proud to announce the addition of 15 content specific stackable certificate exams that lead to the end of program National Health Science Assessment.  The purpose of the health science assessments is to measure student knowledge and to inform classroom instruction.  By offering more health science assessment choices, programs can choose the appropriate assessment that meets the needs and intricacies of their health science education programs for greater assessment information and performance.  Because there is such a variance to what defines a health science program (length of program; program completion; number of National Health Science Standards covered; etc.) the National Health Science Assessment was not always appropriately representative of student competency.  Health science teachers will continue to be supported with National Health Science Standards based data specific to their programs to which they can use to adjust their curriculum.  The assessments in addition to the National Health Science Assessment are as follows:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Forensics
  • Health Sciences, Introduction
  • Medical Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Dental Assisting I, II and III
  • Food & Nutrition I and II
  • Medical Assistant – Medical Terminology
  • Medical Assistant – Clinical and Laboratory Procedures
  • Medical Assisting – Medical Office Management
  • Medical Assisting – Anatomy and Physiology

As updates on the assessment occur, information will be posted on the NCHSE website assessment link throughout the year.  NCHSE’s goal is to provide useful tools for the health science teacher to ensure health science programs thrive and grow.

Here’s to happy testing!  (NCHSE Health Science Assessment options can be chosen independently or included with a site license option and are financially very cost effective.)

For more information, contact Cindy Le Coq, NCHSE Past Chair:

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