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Publishers and Educational Resources

Support Our Health Science Educators

Share your health science education resources and help us equip health science leaders and educators with the tools and resources they need to build, enhance, and grow successful educational programs. NCHSE partners with competitive publishing companies just like you to provide our educators the tools and materials they need to build the future of health science education.

Publishers and Educational Resources Providers

Unique to most consortiums is NCHSE’s group of Publishers and Educational Resources providers. It is composed of competitive publishing companies with a special interest in health science education. To become a member of the Publishers and Educational Resources providers, a company completes an application for approved membership, pays the requested membership assessment, and agrees to elect a representative from the membership group to serve on the board of directors. In return, as a member of NCHSE, you are kept informed about trends and issues discussed by the board about health science education, health science industry, and NCHSE’s products and services. Such access affords the members with “cutting edge” information regarding current and future publications.

F.A. Davis Company and B.E. Publishing have been an active member of NCSHE’s Publishers/Educational Resources Group for many years and see it as a direct link to the pulse of health science education. Working with these smart leaders, we have realized a new foundational perspective and have been able to roll up our sleeves to build innovation for today’s health science teachers and tomorrow’s workforce. The energy and community formed by this organization are amazing.

Rosalind ThompsonSenior Business Development Manager, Health Science Director, B.E. Publishing

You’ll Be In Good Company

Some of our current members include:

Membership Investment

Membership will be in effect with the submission of an application and payment of annual dues. Dues are remitted at the time of application and then annually thereafter.

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